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Motivate Kids about going Back to School

Unless you haven’t watched a television commercial in the last week, you know that the first day of school is creeping ever closer. Here are some great tips from Natalie Lugo, certified educator and Manager of Alliance Marketing at AAA Restoration Company, on how to excite your kids about the new school year.

Don’t Shop til you Drop

Preparing students for school is a costly endeavor in terms of money and time. Get a better return on your investment by following these rules:

Do Make it Personal

The most influential word in the English language is “you.” If you want to motivate your kids, make it about them.

Blank your Slate

New paper, unsharpened pencils, clean erasers are all back-to-school metaphors for a fresh start. Advise your kids to use the new school year as opportunity to begin anew.

“Inspire your children to love learning and they will reap the rewards for the rest of their lives,” advises Natalie.