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We Love these Summer Songs

Recent triple digit temperatures had us forgetting why we loved summer. We compiled this list of our favorite summer songs to remind us why summer is awesome.

“Cruel Summer” by Bananarama

Bananarama’s summer anthem is familiar to anyone who spent time in the eighties. “Reminds me of back home in the U.K. Our summers were cruel because the weather basically meant that we didn’t have one,” remembers, Andrew Crane, Project Manager.

“California Gurls” by Katy Perry

Don’t be embarrassed you love this song. More than five million Americans have downloaded it too and Billboard named it the number one summer song of all time on their list. Manager of Alliance Marketing and California native, Natalie Lugo (and Snoop Dogg) explains, “They wish they all could be California girls.”

“Toes” by Zac Brown Band

Local boy Zac Brown created this ode to a Mexican excursion for his debut album. “Just hearing this song makes me feel like I’m on vacation,” says Chad Folds, Restoration Consultant. “This song makes me want to jump in a car or an airplane and head to the beach,” adds Eddie Robertson, Restoration Consultant.

“Panama” by Van Halen

Officially, this is a song about a car but we all know it is really about PCB--Panama City Beach, Florida. “Good times. That’s all I can say. Good times,” says Mike McCune, VP and Chief Estimator.

“All Summer Long” by Kid Rock

This single propelled Kid Rock to his only number one album which is pretty impressive for an artist who has never been on iTunes. According to Project Manager, Nick Morrow, “Any song with a mashup of Warren Zevon and Lynyrd Skynyrd rocks.”

“Summertime” by Kenny Chesney

With his growing discography of beach ballads, Chesney is challenging Jimmy Buffet as the official singer for boat drinks and beer. “This song is perfect for when you’re at the beach or just wishing you were,” says Lori Bates, Project Quality Control Manager.

“Summertime” by DJ JazzyJeff and the Fresh Prince

Lyrics like “Sitting with your friends cause y'all reminisce; about the days growing up and the first person you kiss; and as I think back makes me wonder how the smell from a grill could spark up nostalgia” made this song the duo’s biggest hit. “This song makes me wish I had an Alpine to blast,” says Brandon Robertson, President of Business Development.

“Money for Nothing” by Dire Straits

Most people know this song by its famous opening guitar riff and the Sting line, “I want my MTV.” Restoration Consultant, Mike Jay remembers it as the soundtrack to a memorable summer. “I spent everyday waterskiing at the Jackson, Mississippi Reservoir.”

“Summer Nights” by Olivia Newton John and John Travolta

Why has One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful” sold 2.9 million copies in the U.S. alone? Because it samples “Summer Nights.” “I love that every girl no matter how old she is knows every word of this song,” says Chrissy Chapman, Office Manager.

“Girls in Their Summer Clothes” by Bruce Springsteen

Every list of greatest anything needs a song by the Boss. Despite winning a Grammy for Best Rock Song in 2009, this song remains woefully underappreciated. “Sweet and simple melody and lyrics make this song a staple on my poolside playlists,” says Mandy Mode, Director of Marketing.

“School’s Out” by Alice Cooper

Summer’s ultimate classic anthem has been inciting students, parents and teachers since 1972. “Even if you haven’t been in school for a long time this song makes you feel like you just graduated and have nothing but a June, July and August full of free time ahead of you,” says Marisa Robertson, Owner and Founder.